Company profile

      The company specializes in the textile printing and dyeing processing. It is committed to providing customers with professional, integrated and personalized printing and dyeing comprehensive services. The products are characterized in two classes: knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. The company's printing and dyeing business is commissioned by customers, and the company provides grey cloth. The company customizes the printing and dyeing according to the customer's requirements. The main processes include pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing. The printed and dyed textile fabrics are widely used in the fields of casual wear, sportswear and business formalwear.


      Since its inception, the company has been relying on scientific and technological innovation, green environmental protection as its principles. Yingfeng constantly improves management level and service quality, and is committed to building energy-saving and environmentally-friendly and intelligent manufacturing printing and dyeing enterprises. Yingfeng has earned consumers’ great trust after several years’ development of technology, quality management and advanced production and environmental protection equipment. The sales has a rapid improvement. “Yingfeng” has gradually become an apparent, higher market visible and influential brand in the market.


      The company is a national high-tech enterprise and a national-level green factory, which is also entitled as a demonstration pilot enterprise of the National Integrated Demonstration Zone in Zhejiang Province, and a green enterprise in Zhejiang Province. The project -“Key technology development and system integration project for textile printing and dyeing” has been included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2017 Green Manufacturing System Integration Project. In 2019, it was nominated as “the top 30 Chinese printing and dyeing enterprises” by the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association.