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Keqiao District Convening the Mobilization Conference of the Theme Activities of "Triple Love and Triple Love"

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2019/04/03 09:28

On the morning of March 29, a regional mobilization conference was held at the Blue Sky Theater to further promote the theme of "triple love" activities. Four groups of leaders, ministers of the Ministry of People's and Martial Arts, presidents of district courts and procurators of district procuratorates attended the conference.

In order to further promote the regional entrepreneurs'investment, innovation, credit, industry, environment and home style and character, we will make every effort to promote the construction of "three Keqiao". Today, the District Committee and the district government hold a mobilization Conference on the theme of "triple love" in-depth.

This is an economic working conference with the highest specifications, the largest scale and the longest preparation time in recent years.

At the meeting, Xu Guolong, Secretary of the District Committee, made an important speech.

Xu Guolong said that the purpose of the mobilization meeting was to "boost confidence, revitalize industry and create brilliance again".

At the meeting, Xu Guolong gave a detailed explanation of "triple love".

Heavy investment. No input, no output. Re-investment means adhering to the concept of "project is king" and attaching great importance to the listing of enterprises.

At present, there are 14 listed companies both at home and abroad in the whole region, with a total financing of 13.751 billion yuan, including 5.044 billion yuan for initial financing and 8.707 billion yuan for refinancing.

Re innovation. Innovation is first about ideas and knowledge, and secondly about ideas and methods. Today's business competition logic has changed from linear competition to non-linear competition like Go.

Heavy credit. For a place, the credit environment is the most basic investment and development environment; for an enterprise, credit is the most important intangible asset, people are not independent without trust, industry is not prosperous without trust.

Love industry. Industry booms economy, industry booms Keqiao booms. Keqiao District's position in economic strength, "service industry booming zone, strong industrial zone", vigorously develop urban economy, modern service industry, this is a long-term development goal.

Love the environment. The biggest obstacle to Keqiao's development lies in the environment, and the greatest advantage lies in the environment. Loving the environment and protecting the ecology are our most important responsibilities and responsibilities at present.

Love home. Love home is a feeling, but also a responsibility, Keqiao for local entrepreneurs is born in the home, foreign entrepreneurs, is the second home.

Xu Guolong also envisioned the future of Keqiao District.

He said that Keqiao has unique geographical advantages, such as Guazhu Lake and Xiaobanhu Lake, which are like Keqiao's two eyes; Anchang and Keqiao ancient towns, which inherit the history and culture and maintain the original flavor; there are several major tourism projects, and it is entirely possible to introduce more than 5 billion yuan into the next two major projects to launch the tourism brand of "the most Jiangnan Yaokao Bridge".

The future Keqiao, "Blue Sky, Castle Peak, Clear Water, Wupeng Boat, Ancient Town, Ancient Opera, Wine, Drunken Jiangnan", has become a model of urban-rural integration and a back garden of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningxia.

In the future, Keqiao will no longer depend on traditional industries to eat. From dyeing Keqiao to impression Keqiao to fashion Keqiao, everyone is willing to live in Keqiao and the old Keqiao.

In the future, Keqiao will have fewer people, more tourists, fewer snakeskin bags, more travel bags and computer bags. Many foreigners who work in Keqiao will go back to start their own businesses.

In the future, Keqiao will have a better rural environment, surrounded by flowers, green bamboo, bananas and fruit trees; the city will be upgraded, with scientific research institutes and universities, with the best public transportation, connecting Hangzhou's rail transit, convenient and pollution-free public bicycle system... Livable, tourist and professional, it is a landscape and garden city that integrates history and modern inheritance.

In the future, Keqiao, culture, education, sports, medical and other social undertakings will develop vigorously, and may have become the home of a team.

When the water quality of all our rivers is above three categories, the fine weather is above 95%.

When we are building Hangzhou-Shaoxing Metro, City Line 1, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taiwan Expressway and West Line, they are fully connected.

When our upstream water line and Dongfang Landscape Phase II tourism projects were fully completed and put into operation.

When we build five hundred billion industrial clusters and two 200 billion-level markets, our goal has basically been achieved.

When our beautiful countryside is further promoted in an all-round way on the basis of "four parts and one link", the direction of urban management is becoming more refined and refined.

What kind of Keqiao will Keqiao be, "will be the top of Ling, a panoramic view of the mountains and small"!

Of course, it's just a good idea, a good blueprint.

Practice is the only way for us.

Let us shoulder the responsibility of history, the great expectations of the people and the heavy trust of the organization. Stand bravely above the tide and be brave above the benchmark.

Shen Zhijiang, deputy secretary and director of the district committee, presided over the meeting.

Shen Zhijiang emphasizes that the spirit of "triple love" should be transformed into a powerful driving force for the entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, the spirit of "triple love" should be transformed into a development environment with enterprises as the most important, and the spirit of "triple love" should be transformed into a social responsibility that should be fully fulfilled.

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The meeting was attended by legal representatives or actual controllers of 750 regulatory industrial enterprises, service enterprises, construction enterprises and leading agricultural enterprises, 20 service enterprises, 15 construction enterprises, 10 legal representatives or actual controllers of leading agricultural enterprises, and principal persons in charge of financial institutions (banks and securities) in the region.

After watching the feature film, representatives of entrepreneurs made typical speeches.

The company spoke on behalf of Sun Yonggen, chairman of Zhejiang Tiansheng Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Tiansheng Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive private enterprise group which integrates chemical industry, chemical fiber, weaving, printing and dyeing, new energy, real estate, trade and investment.

The company spoke on behalf of Fu Shuangli, chairman of Zhejiang Yingfeng Holding Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yingfeng Holding Co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises to enter Shaoxing Binhai Printing and Dyeing Cluster Park, and also a benchmark enterprise in Shaoxing Printing and Dyeing Industry.

The company spoke on behalf of Wang Mingyu, chairman of Zhejiang Xinle Textile and Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Xinle Textile and Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a textile enterprise which integrates textile raw material processing and fabric design and production. It has a high-quality R&D team, and actively cooperates with Italian garment fabric design institutes to develop new shirt fabrics.



In recent years, textile enterprises in Keqiao District have greatly improved productivity and liberated manpower through machine replacement.

In recent years, Keqiao District fashion creative entrepreneurship has taken shape, and a number of well-known creative enterprises have emerged.